Yas , i want to you tell what you talk about



! Hey Yas
? How are you doing pal

It’s been a couple of days that I wanted to write a letter. I thought about writing to different people, from the top leader to not very . important ones. I knew I wouldn’t get an answer though. I’m sure you know who and what I’m talking about

This morning, I suddenly remembered last year at this time or a little before that you shouted “what should I say?” and you talked about many things … you talked about pain

You talked about all the things many of us had always wanted to say but couldn’t. You talked about the days which were crossed out of calendar and warned us about destructive mistakes. You talked about poverty and poor kids and most importantly you reminded us of Narges who burnt in fire in her school and wished there had been a heater instead of an oil lamp to avoid the accident

I hope you can still cry my friend because now I want to tell you a story. I want to tell you about a small village in the west of our country, somewhere near Piranshahr called Shin Abad. I want to blame the heater this time which burnt those poor kids and made all of us very sad

: Now I want to you tell what you talk about

Talk about the irresponsible minister

Talk about the Parliament which doesn’t even care to say anything

Talk about Ahmad Khatami who criticizes these kids’ hijab instead of sympathizing with their families

Talk about the intelligence service that buried Silan’s body in Pasveh instead of Shin Abad to avoid any riots and demonstrations

! Talk about the problems of Iran, and the pain in Kurdestan

! Talk about Rahian-e-Nour buses

Talk about the accident in Brodjen-Lordegan road in which 2 teachers were killed and 25 were injured

? Don’t you still know what you should say

I remember you said the class which burnt needs a plastic surgeon. Nobody is looking for a plastic surgeon anymore. This wound cannot be healed by any surgeons

I am writing this letter for you because you said you never wanted to see the end of the story, because you wanted to see Narges smile

The story hasn’t finished yet. Here we are again with families who have been the victims of this accident. We need you to write, to sing, to be our voice! Sing for Siran Yeganeh, sing for her family, sing for Iran’s educational system, sing for the minister – that might persuade him to resign

Yas! We are sick and tired of accepting all bad things that happen. You should talk about all these wounds without any fear!

Siran is not alive anymore to smile for the photographers, but her family will be always there to cry for the reporters
Talk about these things Yas! Sing again

If I was to write a letter to the people I mentioned first, I couldn’t talk about these things like that

You understand my language! You have proven this

. Translate by : F.Ernest

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